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Music is a language that we all understand - regardless of whether it is pop, rock or classical. And yet classical concerts reach fewer and fewer young people: The average age of the audience at classical concerts has been rising for years. That's why we've set ourselves the goal of working together as an orchestra to make classical music attractive to young audiences again! Through exciting and varied formats, we provide new and easy access to the great composers and works of classical music, from Beethoven and Bruckner to Mendelssohn and Mahler to Sibelius and Shostakovich.

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As initiators of the orchestra, we, Lukas and Philip, would also like to briefly introduce ourselves. We are both students in Munich with the desire to bring many people with musical passion together. In the past we have both played independently in different orchestras and would now like to pass on the joy we have in music to others. Last but not least, this enables us to play in the orchestra ourselves and to make music regularly with you and others.

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