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Experience and promote music together

Since its founding in May 2022, the Accento Orchestra has continuously pursued the goal of creating a vibrant community for music-loving musicians. We offer our members a space in which they can make music at a high musical level and at the same time socially exchange ideas. The positive response from both our musicians and our audience continues to encourage us in our concept.

In order for us to continue to successfully design our musical activities and further expand our quality, we depend on your support. We welcome both one-off donations and regular financial contributions. Targeted partnerships, which we like to highlight in our program brochures, are also a way to recognize our long-term supporters.

If you would like to support a specific project or support us with a donation in kind, please contact us directly at Of course, we would also be happy to issue you donation receipts, just contact us.

With your generous support, you enable us to continue to create inspiring concerts and performances while giving talented musicians the opportunity to develop further. We are grateful for every contribution and look forward to experiencing the diverse world of music together with you.

We would like to thank all supporters and friends of the orchestra!

The Accento Orchestra Munich team

Our donation account

Name: Accento Orchester München e.V

Bank: meine Volksbank Raiffeisenbank e.G.
IBAN: DE28 7116 0000 0007 5267 50

Referenz: Spende + Ihr Name

Hinweis: Sollten Sie eine Spendenbestätigung benötigen, schicken Sie uns bitte eine kurze Email mit vollständigem Namen sowie Anschrift und Zahlungsbestätigung zu, damit wir Ihre Zahlung zuweisen können.
Für Spenden unter 300€ ist i.d.R. keine Spendenbescheinigung erforderlich.

The search for the oomph

Would you like to support the orchestra in a special way by purchasing new timpani?

Accento Orchestra Munich

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