Timpan donation project

Timpani are an indispensable part of every orchestra. They expand the sound body in large ensembles to include essential percussion parts. With the Accento Orchestra we are also pursuing the long-term goal of presenting great symphonic works. To achieve this, cramming is essential. Up to now we have rented timpani specifically for our concerts - an expensive solution that at the same time leaves little opportunity to practice with the instruments during the rehearsal phase. Now we want to act sustainably and independently by building up our own timpani inventory.

To achieve this goal, we urgently need your support. Your donation will enable us to purchase the timpani that our orchestra needs to grow both musically and in membership over the long term. By purchasing our own instruments, we can not only work financially more efficiently, but also expand our musical possibilities.

If you would like to support our orchestra in a project-oriented manner and are looking for a way to make a long-term contribution to the success of the orchestra, then you can through the Additional information “Project Pauken” in the reference of the transfer of your donation assign it to a very specific purpose. We would be happy to keep you informed about how your donation contributed to the success of purchasing your own timpani or provide you with a donation receipt - the best way to do this is to write to us at [email protected]


Do you own one or more timpani and are looking for a worthy successor? We also welcome donations in kind and would be happy to get in touch with you via [email protected]!


We would like to thank all supporters and friends of the orchestra!

Accento Orchestra Munich

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